Funding for the CID

The CID is funded by property owners in the CID area through an additional property rate levied on the municipal valuation of all eligible properties within the boundaries of the CID. The Additional Rate is expressed as a Rand-in-the-rand and is calculated by dividing the CID budget total with the total municipal valuation of all […]

How is a CID managed

Every CID is managed by a board of directors, elected by the members of the CID. A Board of Directors consists of property owners within the CID. The Board manages a Non-Profit Company (NPC), which is responsible for the management of the CID, within the framework of the approved CID business plan and oversees the […]

What is a City Improvement District (CID)?

A CID is a contiguous geographic area, designated by the City for the levying of an additional rate on rateable properties within its boundaries to finance improvements and upgrades of the public spaces within the district. CIDs are established as a partnership between property owners and the City of Cape Town. Proposed area of the […]

Atlantis Industrial Improvement District

Dear Atlantis Industrial Property Owners and Business People As a property owner/business owner or member of the community in the Atlantis industrial area, you are no doubt well aware of the problems in the area.  Incidents of crime and grime including the threat of land invasions and general urban degradation are escalating. These problems are […]

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